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From the case study, categorize the Nano's marketing segments that have the greatest influence on its sales. Assume you are the marketing manager at Tata responsible for consumer marketing. In your own words, outline a plan that Tata could implement in order to make the process to purchase the Nano more efficient for potential buyers.

* One way that marketers use Maslow's Hierarchy is by identifying their product with a certain level of needs. Marketers use imagery in commercials to motivate customers to satisfy their needs using the company's product. A great number of companies position their brands to make customers feel like their product or service will make them belong to a certain group or that they will receive social acceptance and respect. However, there are just as many brands that use pitches for reliability and security to make customers feel the companies' products cover their basic needs. You can find more on this topic can in your textbook on page 20 in section 2-3. From the scenario, analyze each level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and articulate the level which most affects you when making a purchase. Provide support for your rationale by utilizing an example.

Reference no: EM131255873

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