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Analyze appropriate software application(s) to address solutions within a specific discipline.

Scenario: You currently are employed by a fundraising company. You are planning a huge event and have received a number of donations that you plan on auctioning off during your event. You need to create thank you letters to send out to the donors. You decide to use the Mail Merge feature to complete this task.

Step 1: Open the provided merge letter.

Step 2: From the Mailings tab, select the recipients you will be merging. You will use the provided text file for your data source. The Unit 9 Merge Data.txt file should be downloaded from doc sharing to your computer.

Step 3: Insert Address Block below the company address

Step 4: Insert the following 5 Merge fields in the merge letter:
1. First Name
2. Item
3. Item Value
4. Category (should be after Item value)
5. Number Attending

Step 5: Perform the Mail Merge.

Reference no: EM13850289

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