Analysis of how management and leadership roles differ

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Requirements for this assignment:

• APA format
• 12 pt Times New Roman font, double spaced
• NO title page required
• MUST be at least two paragraphs but no more than one page
• MUST include two references, 5years old or less, listed in APA format on a separate page.

This is a discussion board post for a nursing class. Please keep this in mind when answering questions.

To prepare:

• Review the information in the Learning Resources.

• Conduct additional research on your own and select at least two current, credible sources that contribute to your understanding of management and leadership.

• Reflect on how the roles of management and leadership differ in supporting the organization to set and achieve goals.

• Drawing upon specific examples from a current or previous practice setting, bring to mind someone who seemed to be a leader but not a manager and someone who seemed to be a manager but not a leader (generally speaking, or within a specific circumstance). Be prepared to support your assessment with specific behavioral descriptions found in the literature.


Post an analysis of how management and leadership roles differ in terms of supporting an organization to set and achieve goals. In addition, post descriptions of an individual who demonstrates leadership behaviors but not management behaviors and an individual who demonstrates management behaviors but not leadership behaviors. Provide your rationale, identifying specific characteristics of effective managers and leaders. (Note: Do not identify these individuals by name, position, or location.)

Reference no: EM131265416

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