Amortization when interest received by straight-line method

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On april 1, 2010, west co. purchased $160,000 if 6% bonds for $166,300 plus accrue interest on available for sale security. interest is paid on july 1 and january 1 and the bonds mature on july 1, 2015.

a. Prepare the journal entry on april 1, 2010.

b. The bonds are sold on november 1, 2011 at 13 plus accrued interest. amortization was recorded when interest was received by the straight-line method. prepare all entries required to properly record the sale.

Reference no: EM13143102

How the event was perpetrated and how event was discovered

Describe how the event was perpetrated, how the event was discovered and any action taken after the discovery; and recommend ONE possible deterrence measure which could or sho

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Chelsea, who is single, purchases land for investment purposes in 2005 at a cost of $22,000. In 2010, she sells the land for $38,000. Chelsea's taxable income without consid

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Most companies use historical cost to value property, plant, and equipment assets. What components make up historical cost? Provide an example of an asset's historical cost.

Which is not a characteristic of a corporation

Rhubarb Corporation's outstanding stock is 100 shares of $100, 11% cumulative nonparticipating preferred stock and 2,000 shares of $12 par value common stock. Rhubarb paid $

Problem regarding cost recovery of a apartment building

Janice acquired an apartment building on June 4,2010, for $1.4 million. the value of the land is $200,000. Janice sold the apartment building on November 29, 2016. a. Determ

Net realizable value of accounts receivable

If MA Company has net credit sales of $800,00 and estimates that 1% will be uncollectake, what is the net realizable value of accounts receivable as reported on the balance

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Temperance, Inc. is studying marketing cost and sales volume, and has generated the following information by use of a scatter diagram and a least-squares regression analy

Journalize the entry to record the warranty work

a. Journalize the adjusting entry required at January 31, the end of the first month of the current fiscal year, to record the accrued product warranty. b. Journalize the en


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