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The imagined circumstances which the exam will test are as follows. After completing Business Law and graduating from Wayland University, you decide to start a business of your own. With some personal savings, equity on your house and a twenty thousand dollar inheritance, you weigh many small business opportunities that might be taken: You could buy a carwash, or start an office cleaning company, or operate a copy/mail store, or hang a shingle as a tax consultant or start a professional nanny service—you must choose a small business following your talents and interests. Choose any business that suits you and apply business law to the following essay questions.

Describe the business venture you have chosen. Thinking about the legal foundation of business practices in our United States, summarize how 3 amendments in the US Bill of Rights protects your business property and rights to commerce.

Reference no: EM132234330

When we consider the regression equation

What are the economic factors that are most important for analysis of Nürburg, Germany related to international business? What are these factors, currently? (Such as tax rate

Thinking about going into the batting cage business

Tom Bat became a baseball enthusiast at a very early age. All of his baseball experience has provided him valuable knowledge of the sport, and he is thinking about going into

Why is employee orientation an important process

Discuss the following questions: Indicate what training methods you would use for each of the following jobs. Why is employee orientation an important process? What are some b

Payroll all have in common as related to employees

What do compensation, benefits, and payroll all have in common as related to employees? Share an example of how HR technology can impact the value and efficiency of each of th

Process capability index cp of the manual filling process

A hospital in a developing nation is forced to manually put the flu shot vaccine into syringes. The recommended dosage for the flue shot is 0.5mL. what is the process capabili

Prepare the aggregate plan to cover six periods

Prepare the aggregate plan to cover six periods. period 1 forecast 200, period 2 forecast 200, period 3 forecast 300, period 4 forecast 400, period 5 forecast 500, period 6 fo

Who in the organization is affected by a decision

Who in the organization is affected by a decision to shift from a traditional operations system to a lean system? 3) To what extent has technology had an impact on lean syst

Summarize thls competitive strengths for the new operation

Summarize THL's competitive strengths for this new operation. Summarize THL's competitive vulnerabilities for this new operation. Describe how its reservation system adds


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