Addressing table and label packet tracer topology

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Task 1. Complete the following addressing table and label Packet Tracer topology as necessary
Task 2: Perform Basic Router and Switch Configurations Configure the routers and switches according to the topology provided.

For your Routers:
· Configure hostnames to match topology.
· Configure encrypted EXEC passwords to cisco2.
· Configure a message of the day banner that reads "Only Authorized ICT477 Users".
· Configure line console passwords to cisco1.
· Configure a vty password for (0-4) to cisco3.
· Configure all interfaces.
· Set the clock rate to 64000 for DCE interfaces.· Enable OSPF using process ID 1 on all routers and networks.
· Verify full connectivity. All networks should be able to ping each other.

For Tasks 3 - 5, ensure that you create your ACL on the appropriate router and apply it to the correct interface, in the correct direction, inbound or outbound.

Task 3: Create any necessary named Standard ACL(s)
· Your goal is to filter all packets from the /24 network from getting to the network. The rest of the intercommunications should not be affected.

Reference no: EM13934832

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