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Write and 8-page research paper that addresses a specific social problem and investigates possible solutions to the problem. My topic is Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. The paper should include at least 5 scholarly sources and should be formatted in proper APA style.

Reference no: EM13667731

History of environmental issues for an area

To help identify a region with known environmental events for this assignment, consult your textbook, the WHO Public Health and Environment Program's Web site, and the UNEP'

Rescue the child from the location.

A typically developing 10-year-old becomes trapped, unable to move, in an inaccessible location. It takes rescuers over 10 hours to find and rescue the child from the loc

Social phenomenon and exoticize the familiar

Choose an everyday social phenomenon and "exoticize the familiar" by describing in careful, perceptive detail its aspects that you would otherwise take for granted. You must f

Social problems vs social responsibility perspective

Application: Biology and Psychology: Social Problems vs. Social Responsibility Perspective , Review Chapter 4 in your course text, Criminology Today. Pay particular attention

Who was known as the sun king

Discuss at least three ways in which Henry David Thoreau proved himself a nonconformist. Also, discuss one of Thoreau's works and how it reflects his nonconformist attitude

Discuss the importance of systematic empiricism

Discuss the importance of systematic empiricism, public verification, and solvability to the scientific method. In what ways does pseudoscience differ from true science?

Accident mutually exclusive

Draw a fault-tree diagram to illustrate the ways in which this accident could happen. Calculate the probability that this accident will happen in a given throw of the dice.

Develop and describe six stress management techniques

Develop and describe six stress management techniques for a 40 year old Japanese woman who is Type A.  consider gender, age and culture.  two full pages, APA, reference


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