According to the wagner and taft-hartley acts

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1. Which of the following is a reason why unions cannot ensure similar backgrounds among their members?

A. Employees and employers come from the same social classes.

B. Income inequality between employees and employers is low.

C. Management makes hiring decisions and unions are obligated to admit all employees who want to join.

D. The cost of membership outweighs the benefits perceived from remaining a group member.

2. Executive Order 10988 created the Federal Impasse Panel to render binding decisions when negotiations reach an impasse.



3. Until Norris-LaGuardia, acceptance of a collective bargaining relationship had to devolve from a voluntary employer action.



4. In the 1870s, immigrant Irish miners in America formed a secret organization to terrorize mine owners who had unilaterally cut wages below an agreed minimum. The members of the secret organization were known as _____.

A. The Irish Volunteers

B. Saint Patrick's Battalion

C. The Molly Maguires

D. The Irish Republican Brotherhood

5. According to the Wagner and Taft-Hartley Acts, an employer is an organization or a manager or supervisor acting on its behalf.



6. If the NLRB finds that an unfair labor practice occurred, it can issue cease-and-desist orders.



7. The _____ is responsible for notifying the president if an unsettled, mediated dispute threatens to cripple transport in some section of the country.

A. National Mediation Board

B. National Railroad Adjustment Board

C. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

D. National Labor Relations Board

8. Wages of Independent Local Union members are about the same as those of employees belonging to affiliated locals.



9. Which of the following is a form of merger in which two unions of roughly equal size merge to form a new union?

A. Absorption

B. Symbiotic

C. Amalgamation

D. Commensalistic

10. Unions are developed to take over companies.



Reference no: EM132190988

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