Access is an example of a relational dbms

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Access is an example of a relational DBMS. Explain what this means, discuss how this fact impacts both the database designer and the database user, and compare it to a flat-file DBMS.

Reference no: EM132184839

Estimate the cost of the system

What capabilities beyond the minimum do you need now and so that your computer does not become obsolete, what additional features do you think you will need within the next 2

Convert the binary number into a hexadecimal number

Pick the amount from one of the checks in your checkbook. ($50.24)1) Convert the decimal number into a binary number with three places to the right of the binary point.2) Conv

Nscs pillars of scholarship

Design an NSCS chapter event you would like to attend. Explain how it relates to the NSCS pillars of scholarship, service and integrity. (Please respond in 300-450 words) (h

Why recompacting and relocation of files are often avoided

Consider a file system that uses inodes to represent files. Disk blocks are 8 KB in size, and a pointer to a disk block requires 4 bytes. This file system has 12 direct disk

Create a 64mb encrypted file system

Write an instruction sheet for the user so that she can make the modi cations to her home machine so that she can access the le on the ash drive containing the encrypted le

Visual effects and mobile websites

Imagine that you add Internet Explorer filters to a Website containing fixed images to enhance the images with a shadow. After adding the filters, it fails to work. Explain

What is big-o complexity of method

Write a method maxVal that accepts as parameter the reference to the head node of a linked list of integers. The method should return the largest value in the list. What i

Company a acquires company b. neither company

Company A acquires Company B. Neither company has an organization-wide Human Resources Risk Mitigation policy or process. Both companies know that, if they continue to grow, a


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