Access is an example of a relational dbms

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Access is an example of a relational DBMS. Explain what this means, discuss how this fact impacts both the database designer and the database user, and compare it to a flat-file DBMS.

Reference no: EM132184839

Discuss the formation of the european union

Discuss the formation of the European Union, and the introduction of the Euro. Discuss the key legal and financial steps did they take to achieve the EU and enter into a co

Probability of getting an a in a particular course

Suppose that the probability of getting an A in a particular course is 0.08, and assume that the all student grades are independent. If you randomly sample 20 students takin

Problem regarding the forida now real estate

Tanya Pierce, President and owner of Florida Now Real Estate is seeking your assistance in designing a database for her business. One of her employees has experience in deve

Relationship between orders and products

If you were given an ERD that contained a M:N relationship between orders and products, what would you need to do in order to create the tables and relationship in Access?

Best practices in manufacturing

Evaluate and compare the effectiveness of computer-maker Dell's just-in-time process and Toyota's lean manufacturing practice in terms of manufacturing, potential risks, and

How the game is played from start to finish

Conduct outside research on the game Yahtzee. You really want to better understand how the game is played and scored. Then, create a 1-2 page paper that explains the following

Program named intarraydemo that stores an array

Write a program named IntArrayDemo that stores an array of 10 integers. Until the user enters a sentinel value, allow the user three options: (1) to view the list in order f

Upgrading a from paper mode to digital mode

You are upgrading a from paper mode to digital mode where customer is stored digitally. Present solution for a waste management to save its data using a program rather storin


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