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Wilson worked for U.S. West Communications. She was also a devout Roman Catholic. She made a vow to the Virgin Mary that she would wear a two-inch diameter picture of an aborted fetus at all times until abortion was outlawed. The button caused much disruption at work. Some employees were very upset by the picture and there was a lot of lost work time due to employees discussing the button. Her supervisor asked her not to wear the button, but she refused. He then asked that she either cover the button with wearing apparel (i.e. sweater) or wear it only when she was in her private cubicle. She refused both of those options. After being home sent home several times as a result of the button, she was fired. She sued U.S. West for religious discrimination. What result and why?

Reference no: EM13968929

Consequences of improper packaging for the exporter

What are the consequences of improper packaging for the exporter? Does your response depend on the Inco terms rule used? Does it depend on the insurance policy in force? What

Collective programming of the mind

In regards to Hofstede's "Collective programming of the mind" - what do you think/what are your thoughts: he had in mind when he defines culture as such?

What if employees are warned that e-mail could be monitored

What if employees are warned that e-mail could be monitored? If a company sets up an e-mail policy, should only in-house transmissions be monitored? Only outside transmissions

Contract for membership in a physical fitness program

Deive signed a contract for membership in a physical fitness program. The contract provided that he was obligated to make payments whether he participated in the program or no

Complex organizational issue

Daniel must handle a complex organizational issue. Which of the following media would be best for this purpose? A) ?E-mail message B) ?Videoconference C) Face-to-face meeting

Explain why this example demonstrates this specific fallacy

Describe an event or an observation that you believe to fit into one of the types of fallacies that you have studied. This can be an example from advertising, current events,

Environmental and social ideals can harmonize

Burt's Bees founder Roxanne Quimby led the company toward a vision that corporate objectives and environmental and social ideals can harmonize. What management decisions at Bu

How does costcos business strategy provide value to consumer

Using your text book, the online library and the Internet, research Costco Wholesale Corporation. Discuss the following in 2-3 paragraphs: How does Costco's business strateg


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