A project report on study of statutory complainces

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This project was undertaken with the objective of getting acquainted with the areas of statutory compliances required to be implemented in an organization. The study of project included the important forms which are necessary for the particular Act.

This report covers all the essentials in following tabs:

1.      Executive summary

2.      Industry Profile

3.      Company Profile: CROMPTON GREAVES, Nasik

  • History
  • Products and services offered
  • Acquisitions
  • Future outlook
  • Structure and bonds

4.      Research Problem

  • Need and necessity of statutory compliances
  • Importance of statutory compliances

5.      Review of literature

  • The Factory Act 1948
  • The Apprenticeship Act
  • The Contract of Labour act 1970
  • The minimum wages act 1948
  • The Payment of Bonus Act 1965
  • Employee State Insurance Act 1948
  • Employee Provident fund act 1952

6.      Objectives and scope of the study

7.      Research methodology

8.      Data interpretation and analysis

9.      Findings

10.  Suggestions

11.  Limitations of the study

12.  Scope for further studies

13.  Conclusion

14.  Annexure:

  • References
  • Questionnaire
  • Forms
  • List of Figures

The present day legal climate is one of uncertainty and confusion. In most cases, a law comes to light only after its contravention resulting in severe penalties. Statutory Compliances is a must in keeping the organization away from the long arm of the law.

Reference no: EM13130

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