Dual Input, Unbalanced Output Differential Amplifier Assignment Help

Differential amplifier - Dual Input, Unbalanced Output Differential Amplifier

Dual Input, Unbalanced Output Differential Amplifier:

In this case, the 2 input signals are given however the output is measured at only one of the two - collector with respect to ground as shown in the figure 1. The output is referred as an unbalanced output because the collector at which the output voltage is measured is at some DC potential with respect to the ground.

2432_dual input, unbalanced output differential amplifier.png


Or we can say that there is some DC voltage at the output terminal without any input signal applied. The DC analysis is exactly same as that of the first case.

914_dual input, unbalanced output differential amplifier1.png

AC Analysis:

The output voltage gain in this case can be given as

1481_dual input, unbalanced output differential amplifier2.png

The voltage gain is half the gain of the dual input, the balanced output differential amplifier. As at the output there is a DC error voltage, hence, to reduce voltage to zero, this configuration is usually followed by the level translator circuit.

Differential amplifier with the swamping resistors:

Using external resistors R'E  in the series with each emitter, dependence of the voltage gain on variations of r'e can be reduced. It increases the linearity range also of the differential amplifier.

Figure 2, shows differential amplifier with the swamping resistor R'E. The value of R'E  is generally large enough to swamp the effect of r'e.

442_dual input, unbalanced output differential amplifier3.png

Figure 2

1985_dual input, unbalanced output differential amplifier4.png


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