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Electronics Engineering Introduction and Specification

Electronic engineering is just a small but a very significant part of the world of engineering. You would be surprised to find out that this is a specific type of engineering that can be applied to various activities in daily life. Electronics engineering is a rapidly advancing profession as is the driving force behind the development of the world’s information technology. Electronic engineers are the ones who create, design and develop everyday devices like the mobile phone, portable music devices and computers, which are so common in almost every house hold nowadays mputing, security, business and entertainment. It is indeed a challenging and creative profession which, by the use of the latest state-of the-art technology, has brought us MP3 players, digital cameras, security systems, improved weather forecasting, electronic medical devices and so many other things that are now almost taken for granted.

Electronics engineering also deals with various other fields of technology such as Instrumentation, which deals with various electronic instruments or Telecommunications which deals with the various communication techniques and so on. So you can see the prevalence of electronic engineering in various types of security systems and communication systems. It is also used excessively in security forces such as radar, sonar, laser etc. Electronics industry is a labor intensive industry and hence provides various job opportunities for skilled job seekers. The increase in production and demand by government authorities and business biggies for communication equipments, computers and military electronics along with consumer demand and increased research and development on robots and other types of automation contributes to the growth of employment opportunities in the field. We at Expertminds strongly believe that candidates having a creative and inventive mind and are also good at physics and mathematics will probably find electronics engineering interesting and a challenging and lucrative career thereafter.

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Important Areas of Electronics Engineering

- Electronics Devices and circuits
- Digital Electronics
- Digital signal processing
- Circuit Theory