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Double ended queues (deque)

                  It is also a homogeneous list of elements in which insertion and deletion operations are performed from both the ends. That is we can insert elements from the rear end or from the front ends. Hence it is called double- ended queue. It is commanly referred to as deque.

                  There are two types of deques. These two types are due to the restrictions put to perfrom either the insertions or deletions only at one end. They are

1.      Input restricted deques.

2.      Output restricted deques.

Figure shows a depue of 5 elements.






                          Dq[0]       Dq[1]            Dq[2]                       Dq[3]                     Dq[4]

Since both insertion and deletion are performed from either end it is necessary design algorithm to perform the following four operations.

1.      Insertion of an element at the REAR end of the queue.

2.      Deletion of an element from the FRONT end of the queue.

3.      Insertion of an element at the FRONT end of the queue.

4.      Deletion of an element from the REAR end of the queue.

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