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A data structure is a way of organizing the different kind of data which considers not only the A data structure is a way of organizing the different kind of data which considers not only the items that are stored, but also their relationship to each other. There are different types of data structures are used for different applications like as in DBMS – arrays are used, for Hierarchical data model – Trees are used, for network data model– Graphs are used. Data structures are divided into two types that are Linear or Non-Linear.

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Some of the data structures are as: structure. There are different types of Array like as one dimensional, two dimensional, multi-dimensional etc.

Linked List: Linked list is also a linear data structures. Linked list consist of collection of nodes. Each node is divided into two parts that is information part or pointer to next node. The pointer has the address of the location where the next information is going to stored. The last node of the list has NULL or ‘\0’ in the pointer field.

Queue: Queue is a type of linear data structure. In Queue insertion point take place at one end or deletion point take place at another end of list. Queue is based on the algorithm of First come first basis called FCFS. Queue is time sharing computer system. The two generally used way in which queues are implemented using arrays or pointers.

Graphs: A graph is called through G, is defined as a pair of two tuple that is G= (V, E), where V shows the set of vertices or E represents the set of edges of G. There are many types of graphs like as Directed graph, undirected graph, Null graph, weighted graph, Bi-connected graph.

Tree: Tree structure means that the data is organized in branches and these branches are relate the information. Tree is a non-linear type data structure. Binary tree is very useful in data structure. A tree can be a binary tree if each or every node of the tree can have most two branches.

Sorting and Searching: Sorting means arranging the elements in some order. Searching means find out an element in the list. There are different algorithms are used for searching like as:

Binary Search: Binary search is very efficient searching algorithm. It works for sorted lists. Binary search is use to find the location of a given element in record of a list.

Linear search: Linear search is used to find out an element in an unsorted list.

The different kinds of sorting algorithms are used these are listed below:

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