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C++ Programming - Compiler Specific Preprocessor Characteristics

Compiler Specific Preprocessor Characteristics

The #pragma directive is compiler particular directive which compiler sellers might employ for their own functions. For illustration , a #pragma is oftentimes employed to permit suppression of particular error messages, deal batch  and heap debugging and thus on.

C++ brought in some measure #pragma directives, accepting the form #pragma STDC, which are employed to control the floating-point execution:

ñ  A large number of executions do not render corroborate trigraphs or do not substitute them by default.

ñ  A large number of executions for example, the C-compilers by Intel, GNU,  IBM and Microsoft render a non-measure directive to print out a exemplary content in the output, but not block the compiling procedure. A distinctive use  is to admonish about the exercise of some old code, which is now depreciated and only comprised for compatibility grounds.

Significance of Preprocessor directives:

ñ  As the C preprocessor could be raised  to procedure files other than those comprising to-be-compiled source code, it could likewsie be employed as a "general purpose preprocessor" (GPP) for other forms of text processing. One in particular notable illustration is the now-vilipended make system.

ñ  GPP does exercise in an acceptable manner with most assembly languages. GNU cites assembly as one of the objective languages among C++, Objective-C and  C,  in the software documentation of its performance of the preprocessor. This commands which the assembler syntax not struggle with GPP syntax, which has in mind no lines commencing with # and which double quotes, which cpp represents as string literals and thus leaves out, do not bear syntactical entailing other than that.

ñ  In whatever means , as the C preprocessor does not bear characteristics of some other preprocessors, like recursive macros, discriminating expansion in agreement with to quoting, string evaluation in conditionals and  logicality is  determined in comparison to a  general macro processor such as m4.

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