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C++ (pronounced "cee plus plus") is a statically compiled, typed, multi-prototype, free-sort, general purpose programming language. It is viewed as an intermediate-level language, as it comprises a compounding of both low level  as well as  high level languages.

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages with application domains comprising  application software, systems software,  embedded software, device drivers,  entertainment software such as video games along with high-performance client  and server applications,. Several groups render both freeware and proprietorship C++ compiling program software, comprising the Microsoft,  GNU Project,Embarcadero Technologies and Intel. C++ has to a  degree effected many other popular programming languages, most in particular C# and Java.

C++ is also employed for hardware conception, where the conception is initially distinguished in C++, then canvassed, with regard to architecture restrained and planned to generate a register transfer level hardware description language via high level synthesis.


The American National Standards Institution (ANSI) renders "official" and by and prominent assumed convention definitions of many programming languages, comprising C++. Such conventions are considered as substantial. A program composed only in ANSI C++ is assured to execute on the computer having corroborating software adapts to the ANSI convention. Otherwise stated, the convention guarantees that ANSI C++ programs are conveniently transported. In pattern most versions of C++ comprise ANSI C++ as a core language, but also comprise extra machine-dependant characteristics to permit smooth interaction with various operating systems of the computer. These machine dependant characteristics should be employed slenderly. In addition, when constituents of a C++ program employ non-ANSI constituents of the language, these should be distinctly marked, and as certain a possible distinguished from the rest of the program, thus as to make adjustment of the program for various operating systems and machines as easy as possible.

The C++ Programming Environment in UNIX

The best way to study a programming language is to endeavor writing programs and test them on the  computer, In order todo this, programmer require respective constituents of software:

ñ  An editor with which to compose and alter the C++ program source code,

ñ  A compiling program with which to commute the source code into machine instructions which can be carried out by the computer immediately,

ñ  A linking program with which to connect the accumulated program constituents with each other and with a choice of routines from existent libraries of computer code, in order to sort the all over machine-executable object program,

ñ  A debugger to assists to  name issues, either in composing programs or if the object program but rendered unintended outcomes.

There are various editors available for UNIX-based systems.  The two popular editors are  vi and emacs. For the linker and compiling program, computer  programmer would be employing the GNU g++ compiling program/linker, and for the debugger programmer would be employing the GNU debugger gdb. For those that opt an integrated development environment (IDE) that aggregates an editor, a compiling program, a linking program and a debugger in a single programming environment in a similar way to Microsoft Developer Studio with Windows NT, there are IDEs also available for UNIX for illustration kdevelop, xcode, Eclipse etc.

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