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C++ Programming - Assertions and Exceptions in C++

Assertions and Exceptions

Assertions are fundamentally debugging statements. They express assumptions made by the program. When the assumptions do not hold true, the program breaks.

Exceptions are execute-time anomalies, like division by zero, which require immediate dealing when encountered by  program. The C++ programming language  renders built-in corroborate for raising and dealing exceptions. With C++ exception dealing, program communicate unexpected events to a higher execution context which is better to come out from such unnatural events. These exceptions are managed by code which is beyond the normal flow of control.


Assertions are essential, since every function cannot take obligation to produce reasonable consequences under all considerations. This is in particular true of low-level functions. A higher-level function by and large has the obligation to render reasonable arguments to every one considered individually function it calls.

Assertions could be switched on and off with compile-time definitions. This is typical of other debugging statements. They are likewsie cleaner, since they employ far fewer ugly  #ifdef's than other techniques.

If the argument expression of this macro with functional form is equal to zero i.e., the expression is false, then a content is written to the measure error device and abort is denoted as, stopping the program execution.

The particulars of the content demonstrated bet on the particular execution in the compiler, but it shall comprise the expression whose assertion broke down, the line number and the name of the source file where it took place. A usual expression format is:

Assertion broke down: expression, file filename, line line number

This macro is out of action if at the instant of comprising assert.h a macro with the name NDEBUG has  This permits for a coder to comprise various assert calls in a source code while debugging the program and then incapacitate all of them for the production edition by merely comprising a line like:

#determine NDEBUG at the setting out of its code, before the comprehension of assert.h.

As a consequence, this macro is contrived to captivate computer programming errors, not developers or executing errors, as it is most of the time incapacitated after a program expires its debugging phase.

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