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Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) - Advantages and disadvantages of PERT

Advantages and disadvantages of PERT

PERT offers a project manager many benefits in planning for projects. The following are the advantages of PERT:

  1. It provides a graphical display of project activities that helps the users understand the relationships among the activities.

  2. It is the ideal technique for tactical level planning and operational level control of projects.

  3. It is effective in planning single project activities in any type of industry.

  4. It allows project managers to do 'what if' analysis on project activities.   

Though PERT offers many advantages, it has many inherent disadvantages. The disadvantages that limit the use of PERT are:

  1. It cannot effectively handle situations in which two or more projects share available resources.

  2. It fails when there is a change in the precedence and sequential relationships of project activities.

  3. It requires a lot of information as input to generate an effective plan. This may prove too expensive.  

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