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The productivity, quality and process will make a nation in competitive position. Operations management is concerned with the issues on process, the quality and the productivity. Each and every management student must know these salient features of a firm or organization. The main role of operation system gives idea on competitiveness and profitability. This subject of operations management assumes importance in manufacturing and the service sectors. Operations planning often give an idea on operations management process. The productive system transforms resources input to useful goods as result of output. Operations are organized in such way into appropriate sequences to produce larger system of production. These resources as inputs take different forms in manufacturing. These are:

1. Raw materials
2. Energy
3. Labor
4. Facilities
5. Information

For quantify operations functions, there are four dimensions of competitiveness:

1. Cost
2. Quality
3. Dependence on supplier
4. Service

The price is generally competitive aspect in marketing and profitability arrives from it. The cost is the factor for lower price. Operations function is concerned to produce goods at lower cost. The effects of location, machine use, product design and inventory contribute to effective costing. Unit costs are reduced with the effective production. This is possible by improved product design, production, and inventory and lay out. The quality is the important aspect in operations management. The competitor should offer flexibility as the method of competing.

Operations strategy is based on external and internal factors. Functional areas of management like marketing, production, finance and distribution are important in operations function. The operation strategy has important components namely suppliers, employees, capacity and technology. Business management students should aware with operations planning and control and importance of operations management.

The performance measurement of a productive system is most important in the success of a firm. It is based on operation and corporate strategy. The planning activities include inventory and material requirement that are applicable to manufacturing. The design process starts with technology and goes with capacity planning and distribution or lay out. The operations planning and control and operations management and the system design of production come to develop in operation strategy implementation.

Operations Management Writing Assignments, Project Assistance

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