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1. Mathematical Technique
2. Experimental Technique
3. Econometrics
4. Theory with Solved Problems

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Introduction to Economics

Economics is a subject of social science or business studies which explains the theory of production, distribution, consumption and services. It explains how economies work and how buyers and sellers interact to each other. The study of demand and supply, slutsky equation, construct a utility function, game theory, monopoly, inverse supply function, oligopoly and all other important topics are covered under economics subjects.

Economics is a social science which deals with the economic behavior of mankind. It studies the utilization of scarce resources of the society and how the various goods and services are produced and how they are distributed among the different sections of the society.

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The major categories of economics are


1. Microeconomics
2. Macroeconomics
3. Game Theory
4. Methodological Economics
5. Heterodox Economics
6. Business Economics
7. Econometrics
8. Labour Economics
9. Public Economics
10. International Trade
11. International Economics
12. Managerial Economics

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Economics 1-Micro Economics

Micro Economics –Meaning, definition and Features
Marginal Utility Analysis
Demand Analysis
Elasticity of Demand
Producer Behaviour and Supply Analysis
Forms of Market and Price Determination
Factors of Production

Economics 2- Macro Economics

Introduction to Macro Economics
National Income
Determinants of Aggregates
Consumption and saving function
Commercial Banking
Central Banking
Public Economics