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Introduction of Microeconomicsions with the intention to acknowledge the decision-taking paradigm of the companies and households. It is associated with the communication among sellers and purchasers and also the forces that affect the preferences and tastes of individual sellers as well as consumers. Moreover, in specific microeconomics, lays emphasis on models of demand and supply and factors that determine the level of output and price in individual marketplace. This particular branch of economics brings to light the way households, individuals and organizations formulate decisions to distribute limited resources, especially in industries where sale and purchase of goods and services is carried out. Additionally, it evaluates how these decisions and conducts influence the demand and supply of goods and services, which ascertain the price levels and finally how price establishes demand and supply of particular goods and services. The main objective of this branch of economics is to scrutinize market apparatus that aid in setting relative prices between the available goods and services and distribution of limited resources for various different uses. Further, it also mirrors market breakdowns i.e. points where industry falls short of manufacturing resourceful outcomes along with highlighting the hypothetical circumstances required for perfect competition. We offer online study material of different courses of different universities in Canada, US, United Kingdom, India and other university standards.

Moving ahead, microeconomics encompasses a large number of theories and topics out of which some have been listed below:

Central Problems of an Economy
Production Possibility Curve
Production Function
Cost Analysis
Revenue Analysis
• Concept of Market
• National Income
Occupational Structure
Indifference Curve
Consumers Behavior
Concept of Demand
Concept of Supply
• Elasticity of Demand and Supply