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Electromagnetism - Shunt

Shunt is a low resistance in parallel with the galvanometer or ammeter. It protects the galvanometer and ammeter from the strong currents.

If the current flowing in a circuit is strong, a galvanometer or ammeter can not be put directly in it because the instrument may be damaged. To overcome this difficulty, a low resistance (i.e. shunt) is connected in parallel with this instrument. Then a major portion of the current passes through this low resistance (i.e. shunt) and only a small portion passes through the instrument. Due to it, the galvanometer or ammeter remains safe.

To find the current through the galvanometer circuit, let 

I = total current in the circuit

G = resistance of the galvanometer

S = resistance of the shunt,

Ig, Is = current through galvanometer and shunt respectively. It is clear that

I = Ig + Is                                                                                                               (1)

Or, Is = I - Ig                                 

Or, Ig = I - Is                                                                                                        (2)

According to ohm's law, 

Potential difference between points A and B = Ig G = Is S                         (3)

Or, Ig G = (I - Ig)S

Or, Ig (G + S) = IS                                                                                               (4)

Or, Ig = I (S/(G + S)

Putting the value of Ig from (2) in (3), we get

(I - Is)G = Is S

Or, IG = Is (G + S)

Or, s = I (G/(G + S)                                                                                             (5)

Uses of shunt

1. A shunt is used to protect the galvanometer from the strong currents.

2. A shunt is used for converting a galvanometer into an ammeter.

3. A shunt may be used for increasing the range of ammeter. - Shunt Assignment Help, Shunt Homework Help, Shunt Assignment Tutors, Shunt Solutions, Shunt Answers, Electromagnetism Assignment Tutors

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