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A network os (NOS), also referred to as the Dialoguer, [1] is the software that runs on a machine and enables the machine to manage data, users, groups, security, programs, and other network functions. [2] The program os is designed to allow contributed file and printer access among multiple computers in a program, typically a LAN (LAN), a private program or to other systems. The most popular program systems are Enthusiasm Home Microsoft windows Web forum 2003, Enthusiasm Home Microsoft windows Web forum 2008, UNIX, UNIX like, Mac OS X, and Novell NetWare.


Centrally handle system sources, such as applications, information and equipment.

Secure access to a system.

Allow distant people to go to a system.

Allow people to go to other systems like the Internet.

Back up information and make sure it's always available.

Allow for simple enhancements of customers and sources.

Monitor the position and features of system things.

Distribute applications and software improvements to customers.

Ensure powerful use of a server's features.

Client/server program techniques

Allow the program to centralize features and programs in one or more devoted file web servers. The machine is the center of the program, enabling access to sources and instituting protection. The program os provides the procedure to incorporate all the elements on a program to allow several people to concurrently talk about the same sources regardless of area.[3][4]


Novell Netware

Windows Server


Centralized web servers are more dependable.

Security is offered through the machine.

New technology and elements can be easily bundled into the program.

Servers are able to be used place from different places and types of techniques.


Cost of buying and running a machine are high.

Dependence on an area for function.

Requires regular repair and improvements.

Peer-to-peer program os

In a Peer-to-peer program os people are granted to talk about sources and information on their pcs and access contributed sources from others. This program is not based with having a data file machine or middle management source. A peer-to-peer program sets all attached pcs equal; they all talk about the same skills to utilize sources available on the program. [3]


AppleShare used for network attaching Apple products.

Windows for Workgroups used for network peer-to-peer home windows pcs.



Ease of setup

Fewer components needed, no machine needs to be obtained.


No location for storage.

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