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Electromagnetism - Magnetic Field Induction Law

Biot-savart's law is an experimental law predicted by Biot and Savart. This law deals with the magnetic field induction at a point due to a small current element (a part of any conductor carrying current).

Let us consider a small element AB (of length dl) of the conductor XY carrying current I. Let r¯ be the position vector of the point P from the current element I  dl¯  and θ be the angle between  dl¯  and  r¯ .

According to Biot-savart's law, the magnitude of the magnetic field induction dB (also called magnetic flux density) at a point P due to current element depends upon the factors as stated below:
dB ∝ I
dB ∝ dl
dB ∝ sin θ
dB ∝ 1/r

combining these factors, we get

dB ∝ (I dl sin θ)/r2 or dB = K (I dl sin θ/r2)

where K is a constant of proportionality. Its value depends on the system of units chosen for the measurement of the various quantities and also on element. When there is free space between current element and point, then

In S.I. units, K = µ0/4∏ and 

In e.g.s. system, K = 1

Where    µ0  is absolute permeability of free space

And   µ0  = 4 ∏ × 10-7 Wb A-1 m-1

= 4 ∏ × 10-7 T A-1 m                     (? 1T = 1 Wb m-2)

In S.I. units, dB = µ0 /4∏ (I dl sin θ/r2)                               (1)

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