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Electromagnetism - Electric Energy

The total electric work done or energy supplied by the source of in maintaining the current in an electric circuit for a given time is called electric energy consumed in the circuit.

∴ Electric energy W = VIt = p. t

 Electric energy = energy is joule where 1 joule = 1 volt x 1 ampere x 1 second = 1 watt x 1 second

The commercial unit of electric energy is called a kilowatt-hour (KWh) or board of trade unit (B.O.T.U) or UNIT of electricity in brief where

1 kWh = 1 kilo watt x 1 hour = 1000 watt x 1 hour

Thus 1 kilo watt hour is the total electric energy consumed when an electrical appliance of power I kilo – watt works for one hour. 

1 kWh = 1 000Wh = (1000W) x (60 x 60s) = 3.6 x 106 j.

Note. No of units of electricity consumed = no. of kWh = watt x hour / 1000

Electric energy = VIt = I2 Rt = V2 t / R 

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