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RS232 is a standard for serial binary data interconnection among a DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) and a DCE (Data Communication Equipment). It is commonly utilized in computer serial ports. Originally the standard was promulgated through RETMA, a precursor of the Electronic Industries Alliance. RS is abbreviation for RETMA Standard. The RS-232 communications standard has been in use for very several years and is one of the most widely utilized standards for serial data communications. RS232 communication can be utilized in either an asynchronous mode, that is the most common, or a synchronous mode. Originally the RS232 communication specification was devised in the year of 1962. When there is have to transmit data along a variety of line started to grow, the telephone companies saw the have to introduce some standards. Consequently the Electrical Industries Association (EIA) in the USA makes a standard for serial data transfer or communication termed as RS232. It describes the electrical characteristics for transmission of data among a DTE and the DCE. Normally the data communications equipment is the modem (modulator/demodulator), which encodes the data to a form that can be transferred, along the telephone line. Data Terminal Equipment could be a computer. As it was first introduced, there have been a number of updates to the RS-232 standard. These have included in EIA-232 and later on EIA/TIA-232 (Telecommunications Industry Association).

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