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Identify Customer Requirements

Often submitted to as the "voice of the customer", it is the primary input in Quality Function Deployment as in section 1 in above figure of Generic Form of Matrix in QFD. Capturing the customer's requirements, needs, and desires is more critical in the analysis. This is accomplished employing a variety of possible methods, some of which are listed in Table no.1. Selecting the most proper data collection method depends upon the product or service situation. In numerous cases, more than one approach is essential to appreciate the occupied scope of the needs of customers.

In upper side of the matrix is section 3 that depicts technical correlations amongst the output technical needs. This matrix section employs a diagonal grid to permits each of the output requirements to be compared along with all others. The shape of the grid is the same to the roof of a house, and for this purpose the term house of quality is frequently used to describe the overall matrix. It should be mentioned that this term is implemented only to the starting matrix in Quality Function Deployment by several authors, and the technical correlation section as the roof of the house may be omitted in succeeding matrices in the analysis. Section 4 is termed as the relationship matrix; it implies the relationships between outputs and inputs.

                                                     Table no.1: Method of Capturing Customer Requirements

Interviews : One-on-one interviews, either in person or by telephone.

Comment Cards : These allow the customer to rate level of satisfaction of the product or service and to comment on features that were either appreciated or not appreciated. Comments cards are often provided to the customer on receipt of the product or service. They can also be made a part of product warranty registration.

Formal Surveys : These are often accomplished by mass mailings. Unfortunately, the response rate is often low.

Focus Groups : Several customers or potential customers serve on a panel. Group dynamics may elicit opinions and observations that would be omitted in one-on-one interviews.

Study of Complaints : This allows a statistical review of data on customer complaints.

Customer Returns : When the customer returns the product, information is requested about the reason for the return.

Internet : This is a relative new way of gathering customer opinions.

Field Intelligence : This involves collection of second hand information from employees who deal directly with customers.

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