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Material Handling

It concerns to the transport of raw materials and semi finished goods in a plant via AGVs or automated guided vehicles, industrial trucks, , robots, conveyer belts etc. Parameter optimization in this section consequent to minimization of materials handling costs, layout optimization, etc.

Each of these activities seeks intelligent decision making such ultimately chooses the minimization of total costs, maximization of profit or maximization of presentation. Quite often, some of the abovementioned activities need optimal results in stipulated timeframes. Thus, random search optimization techniques lie at the core in optimization problems owing to their robustness, promptness and flexibility. Principles of Immune System have developed a random search optimization technique too such has proved its worth in many benchmark optimization difficulties. As the optimization models for the abovementioned activities vary from condition to condition depending upon the parameters beneath consideration. For illustration, it varies from an easy unconstrained linear programming problem to a delicate constrained nonlinear optimization problem.


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