Sequence change

Two OpMs are randomly chosen and their locations in the plan are exchanged.

Step 1

Randomly generate a feasible plan (OpM1; OpM2; . . . ; OpMn), named as the current plan.

Step 2

Begin from the initial temperature T = T0.


Step 2.1

Generate a random change to the current-plan; assume temp-plan be the plan after the change.

Step 2.2

Check to confirm that temp-plan is valid. Or else, go back to Step 2.1.

Step 2.3

Determine the costs of current-plan as E1 and temp-plan as E2.

If E2 < E1

Let temp-plan be current-plan;//assume E2 as E1


                        Randomly generate X (0 < X < 1)

If x < e(E1 - E2)/T  //if condition

Let temp-plan be current-plan;


Let current-plan remain unchanged;

End if

   End if

Step 2.4

Do again steps 2.1- 2.4 till termination criterion is satisfied.

Step 2.5

Decrease the temperature to a new T.


                  Programme no.4: Implementation of SA Algorithm in Process Planning Problem

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