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Logic Gates and Boolean algebra:

Digital computers understand the language of 0s and 1s. This number system is also called as binary number system (bi means two). Note that the operation of digital circuits can be described in two corresponding voltage levels. The more positive level is mention by high (H = 1) and the other is indicated by low (L = 0). And the logical operations are represented by true (T) and false (F). For example, H = 1 = T and L = 0 = F is a positive logic whereas H = 0 = F and L = 1 = T is a negative logic.

A digital circuit having one or more input signals but only one output signal is termed a gate. A gate, which implements Boolean algebraic equations, is called Logic gates. The most basic gates are NOT gate, OR gate and AND gate, we will discuss them one by one along with the Boolean identities pertaining to their logical operations.

AND Gate Boolean Identities for AND Operation
Boolean Identities for NOT Operation De Morgans Theorems
NOT Gate OR Gate
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