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EC ACT, 2001, ERC's And DSM

Previously, you have studied about the Energy Conservation Act, 2001, enacted through the Government. The Act empowers the Central Government and, in some instances, the state governments to implement several measures for improving energy efficiency. These measures are expected to lead to widespread market development by better standards for appliances and equipment, energy efficiency labeling, mandatory energy audits, awareness and training, financial and fiscal incentives.

Under the provisions of the Act, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has been build to institutionalize energy efficiency services and promote energy efficiency delivery mechanisms. The BEE thrust areas are energy conservation in industry, demand side management, energy efficiency within buildings, energy conservation building codes, energy auditor and manager certification, manuals and codes and energy efficiency policy research. The Electricity Regulatory Commissions have a substantial role to play in promoting energy efficiency and DSM measures. We now briefly elaborate these aspects.


Designated Consumers Energy Conservation Building Codes
Role of Electricity Regulatory Commissions Standards and Labeling
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