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We all know which motivation drives a person to achieve beyond normal. As such, it is a state which originates inside an individual by organisational structure, culture and environment could also make individuals think: What motivates people? How could I motivate others? Through asking about the source of motivation, one is looking for an understanding or explanation of what is called psychologically about the tendency of people to expand their energies. Through asking how to motivate others, a manager is supposing (a) that s/he can affect the behaviour of others, and (b) that his/her effect could override the other's behaviour.

Motivation as a factor influencing human behaviour became an area of increasing significance after the Second World War to fulfill the imperative required of increased production. Motivation, concerned with all significant human inputs, assumes crucial significance while a system is confronted with challenges of development or a crisis situation.

What is motivation? Who is responsible for motivation: individual or management? The answers to these questions are not easy. Although some see motivation as being contained within an individual, others view it as arising from sources outside the individual. As such, these views cannot be considered independent of every other especially in the organisational context. Motivation in an organisation encompasses forces both within and external to the individual member. Let us now learn how the concept of motivation evolved.

Common Assumptions about Motivation Concept of motivation
Motivation - Evolution of the Concept Organisational climate
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