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According to Peter Drucker, good communication is the foundation for sound management. The managerial functions of organizing, planning, directing and controlling depend on communication in an enterprise. For planning to be realistic, it is necessary that it is based on a sound information system in an enterprise. If the new developments in the market are not shared with the planners, the future plans might become totally meaningless. Adaptation to external environment may not be possible without good communication. Again, in order to achieve stated goals, it is essential that leadership is exercised, decisions made, efforts coordinated, people motivated and operations controlled. Every of these functions demands interaction with the people in the organisation. We might, therefore, conclude in which the significant fact of organisational life for a manager is communication, and his/her success will depend on his/her effectiveness to communicate along with others: In other words, how successfully s/he can put his/her ideas across to those who work with him/her and thus, persuade them to work for achievements of the targets of the organisation.

Here, we first describe the communication procedure and then discuss the goals of organisaitonal communication. We explain several channels of verbal and non-verbal communication. At last, we highlight the barriers to effective communication and present suggestions on how to communicate effectively.

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