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Reinforced Brick Lintel

Reinforced brick lintels are constructed at places while loads are heavy, or span is more. The depth of like lintel is kept equal to 10 cm, or in multiple of 10 cm. Sometimes, a 15 cm thick brick lintel might be acquired through using 5 cm thick tiles in conjunction along with 10 cm thick bricks. Instead, bricks could be placed on edge. The bricks are so arranged that 2 to 3 cm huge space is left length-wise among adjacent bricks for the insertion of reinforcement of mild steel bars and the gap is filled along with cement mortar. Vertical shear stirrups of 6 mm diameter wire are given in each third vertical joint.

                                  2167_Reinforced Brick Lintel.png


                                                 Figure : Reinforced Brick Lintel

Main reinforcement having 8 to 10 mm diameter bars are given at the bottom of the lintel.


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