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Capacitors with electrical equipment, Capacitors : These are electrical co...

Capacitors : These are electrical condensers having a system of electrical conductors and insulators. The simplest form consists of two parallel metal plates separated by a layer

Can you explain binary number systems, Q. Can you explain Binary Number Sys...

Q. Can you explain Binary Number Systems? The Binary numbers are used to represent digital information because like most digital systems, binary numbers have only two possible

Explain time division switching, Explain time division switching? Tim...

Explain time division switching? Time  Division  Switching:   A  switching  element  can  be  shared  by  number  of concurrently  active  speech  circuits.  It is the princi

Triac - power semiconductor devices , Triac  As the  name  suggests T...

Triac  As the  name  suggests TRIAC  is advice which  has three  electrodes and works  on AC.  The three terminals of triac are MTI ( Main Terminal ) MT2 ( Main  terminal ) an

Explain contact resistance, Explain Contact resistance. Contact resista...

Explain Contact resistance. Contact resistance: It is measured as the voltage drop from tail to tail of the mated contacts along with specified current flowing through the cont

What is the voltage gain of common gate amplifier, Q. What is the voltage g...

Q. What is the voltage gain of common gate amplifier? The controlled source gmVgs is connected from drain to source with rd in parallel.The resistor is connected Rs is connecte

For which type of measurement thermocouples are used, Thermocouples are use...

Thermocouples are used for the measurement of (A)  Humidity.                                   (B) Pressure. (C) Temperature.                               (D) Density.

Give the applications of steel, Give the applications of steel. Steel ...

Give the applications of steel. Steel : It contains iron with a small percentage of carbon added to this. Iron itself is not extremely strong but while carbon is added this as

Interrupts, how the interrupts are affected by system rest

how the interrupts are affected by system rest

Explain shockly''s equation and its significance, Q. Explain shockly's equa...

Q. Explain shockly's equation and its significance in plotting the transfer characteristics ? The linear relationship does not exists in the output of the JFET, the relationshi

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