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Q. What is Completion Report?

The object of a completion report is to compare the cost of work actually constructed with those provided for in the last sanctioned estimate. A completion report of a project duly verified by the accounts officer should be submitted to the Railway board within eighteen months after the end of the financial half-year in which the completion estimate is submitted. It should state the expenditure in the same details as abstract estimate sanctioned by the Railway board and should indicate material modification if any.

The completion report should be prepared in prescribed form and brief explanation should be furnished for: -

i. Excess of not less than 10% or Rs25000/- which ever is less over the estimated provision under each work.

ii. Saving of not less than20% or Rs1,00,000/- which ever is less occurring under each sub-work.

A completion report for work costing Rs one crore and less should be subjected to the detailed instructions issued by the Railway administration and should be prepared in the same form for works costing above Rs one crore. It should compare the actual expenditure incurred with the sanctioned amount and should give details under each sub-work. Brief explanation should be furnished for all excess and savings of over 5% or Rs10,000/- which ever is less. A completion report duly verified by the accounts officer should ordinarily be submitted to the authority that accorded the administrative approval to the work for information or regularization.

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