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What is the theory of Second Best? Prove the theorem with the help of a diagram.

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Compensated demand curve, Compensated Demand Curve: Compensated demand...

Compensated Demand Curve: Compensated demand function for a commodity (say x1) of an individual consumer represents demand quantity for that good (which is purchased by the co

Production, introduction of production

introduction of production

Demand functions for one product facing two markets, Suppose a firm faces t...

Suppose a firm faces two markets for the same product. In market A, the demand function is PA=60-QA, while in market B the demand function is PB=36-0.5QB. The total cost function i

With calc, In this part, use the results for market demand for short-run an...

In this part, use the results for market demand for short-run and long run market supply of good x1 obtained in parts one and two. When a change (e.g. income or taxes) is introduce

Which of these will be included in US GDP for 2005, Which of these will be ...

Which of these will be included in US GDP for 2005? a) A car produced in Japan in 2005 and sold in the US in 2005 b) A car produced in the US in 2004 and sold in Japan in 2005 c) A

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Question: (a) Explain the factors that contributed to the adoption of structural adjustment programme by a majority of Least Developed Countries in the 1980s? (b) Describe t

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explain two theories of economic rent

Explain three argument of promote trade, 1. "Price discrimination allows a ...

1. "Price discrimination allows a monopoly to increase its economic profit by capturing part of the consumer surplus and turning it into economic profit. Such a situation however l

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