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On a lan where are ip datagram transported?

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Given the address and the subnet mask of How many hosts are available? Ans) 172.16.2 120 is a standard Class B address with a subnet mask that permit

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Non-Blocking and Blocking network In Non-blocking networks, route from a free input node to another free output node can forever be provided. Crossbar is an illustration of non

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Illustrate the Bellman-Ford algorithm The Bellman-Ford algorithm uses only on information from its neighbours and knowledge of its link costs, to update it costs and paths. Dij

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What are the key elements of protocols? The key elements of protocols are a. Syntax   It refers to the structure or format of the data that is the order in which they a

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Receipt of Acknowledgment In our GBN  protocols  an acknowledgment for  packet with sequence number will be taken to be accumulative acknowledgment  indicating that all  packe

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Explain Network Services Network services are the thing that a network can do. The main networking services are File Services: This contains file transfer, storage, data m

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