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how can we improve the way LLC and MAC are used for LAN operation.?

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What is the maximum and minimum number in the range of a 7-digit number for each of the following cases? Express all numerical answers in both the original base and its decimal (ba

Visibility, hidden edge/surface removal

hidden edge/surface removal

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It depends on our requirement. When we are needed an integer to be stored in 1 byte (means less than or equal to 255) we use short int, for 2 bytes we use int, for 8 bytes we use l

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Ameliorating the mechanical delays of seeks and rottion are usually regardeed as major aspects of device drivers for disks. The simplest way for a disk device driver to service dis

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How can non-repudiation be achieved into designing e-cash based system? E-cash is fundamentally an online solution. The buyer should validate the coins by the issuer so as to g

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Mathematical Simulation and Modelling Applications The tasks include mathematical simulation and modelling need lots of parallel processing. Three fundamental formalisms in mat

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Analysis Iteration   To understand any problem completely you have to repeat task which implies that analysis requires repetition. First, just get overview of problem, make a r

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What is electronic payment system? Electronic payment systems are alternative cash credit payment methods using various electronic technologies to pay for products and services

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Resolution of externally defined symbols is performed by Ans. By Linker resolution of externally defined symbols is performed.

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Q. Explain about Deadlock Avoidance? To prevent deadlocks two kinds of techniques are used: 1) Static prevention:  It employs P and V operators in addition to Semaphores to

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