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Explain what is Controlling.

Controlling is defined as which managerial function that seeks to ensure an absolute conformity of actual performance through organizational personnel with the planned standards, to assist the most efficient and effective attainment of the enterprise objectives. It is the 'Central-tendency point' in the performance of managerial functions. This makes a bridge among standards of performance and their realistic attainment. This is a pervasive managerial exercise. It implies a follow-up action to other managerial functions. Controlling is based on information feed-back. Controlling is a continuous managerial exercise. The steps involved in it are:-

  • Purpose of standards of performance.
  • Actual performance measurement.
  • Comparison of actual performance along with standards.
  • Analyzing the causes of deviation.
  • Undertaking appropriate remedial action to accurate the deviation.

The main objective of controlling is to bring the actual operational performance of the enterprise on the accurate track as per standards of control. It infuses confidence into the operational life of the enterprises. It enhances managerial decision-making. It assists in attaining maximum production at minimum cost. This is a moral check on employees. This judges managerial competence. This aids delegation and decentralization of authority.

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