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Discuss the main tags of WML.

Tag Definition of Wireless Markup Language:

This defines the starting and the ending of the page, as < html > < /html >.

< card >  < /card > this explains the beginning and the ending of the card.

WML pages are organized into cards and decks. A deck is a collection of cards, and cards are the fundamental unit of a WML page. As a website have a lot of html pages and which html page is the fundamental unit.

The id identifies such card in the deck. This has to be unique for each card into the deck. This is used to refer to this card through other cards. The next illustration will demonstrate you how to use this.

< p > < /p >

All text in these tags is organized in paragraph. This is required for all cards to contain at least one paragraph.

< ! -

All text after this is comments. They are not interpreted through the browser.

< do > < /do > This tag provides the user a general manner to perform actions. This has to be defined in between the card tags. This is generally placed before the first < p > tag. There are various actions which the user can perform as given below:

The accept specifies the type of action. For that one, this is a general positive acknowledge. It's as the user clicking an Ok button.

< go/ >

This is the action that will occur when the user performs the action. For that one, this will go the WML page which we specify. Not like the other tags, there is no closing tag.

In this lace there is a slash at the end of the tag.

The href specifies the destination WML page. This can be URL that will go to another deck, or for this one, other card in similar deck. An # plus the id of other card will identify such card.

< do > < /do >

The ontimer shows the destination (as a card or a deck) after the timer has expired. Again for a card, an # is needed.

< timer >

This tag let you indicate the value for the timer. This is an error to contain two timer tags in similar card.

The value sets how much time for the timer has to expire. The unit is 1/10th of a second. For the illustration above, the timer event will trigger after fifteen seconds.

< a > < /a >

This tag is accurately like the < a > in HTML. This is an anchor, or link that while the user click this, this will navigate to the next page.

The href is the place where you are able to set the destination.

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