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(a) Differences between programme managers and project managers.

(b) A small computer system controls the entry of vehicles to a car park. Each time a vehicle pulls up before an entry barrier, a sensor notifies the computer system of the vehicles' presence. The system evaluates a count that it maintains of the number of vehicles that are currently in the car park. This count is kept on backing storage so that it will still be available if the system is temporarily shut down, for illustration, because of a power cut. If the count does not exceed the maximum allowed then the barrier is lifted and the count is incremented. When a vehicle leaves the car park, a sensor detects the exit and reduces the count of vehicle.

There is a system administration system that will set the maximum number of cars allowed, and which will be used to adjust or replace the count of cars when the system is restarted.

Show the entries, exit, reads and writes in this application.

(c) What is the maximum value that the COSMO II scale factor (sf) will have, given that there are five exponent drivers and the maximum rating for an individual driver is five and the minimum is zero?

(d) Show eight rules with detailed description for constructing precedence networks.

(e) Prepare short notes on Hammock activity.

(f) The following table shows the activity following the backward pass.

(i) Show the activity-on-arrow network for the above activities.

(ii) Identify the activity float, free float, interfering float and critical path.

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