Describe the importance of planning in an organisation, Business Management

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Question 1:


Planning is one of the primary functions of management.

(a) Describe the importance of planning in an organisation.
(b) How will managers develop an effective action plan?


It is generally believed that ‘systems thinking' is one of the major breakthroughs of how we understand organisations.

(a) In what ways does ‘systems thinking' help to understand organisations?

(b) Discuss how a manager can make full use of ‘Systems thinking' so as to achieve organisational aims?

Question 2:

As a manager, a sound knowledge of motivation theories can help you improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of your employees. Discuss using 2 theories of motivation.

Question 3:

Change has often been perceived as a means of survival for many organisations.

(a) Describe Lewin's change process and discuss the mistakes that managers often make when initiating change.
(b) Discuss the different methods that a manager can use so as to manage resistance to change.

Question 4:

(a) Discuss the importance of the different components of an Organisational culture.
(b) In what ways can a manager make use of the organisational culture so as to achieve the desired outcomes of the organisation?

Question 5:

An organisation should always be aware and monitor what is happening in the environment in which it is operating. Otherwise, it may face serious difficulties and be forced to closure. Discuss the external environmental factors that influence an organisation.

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