Describe the basic of encryption in vpn, Computer Networking

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 Can you describe the basic of encryption in VPN?


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Determine the computing infrastructure One solution for the protection of the computing infrastructure is to use digital certificate-based solutions. Users can be given access

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Dijkstra Algorithms To calculate its  routing  table  each router applies an algorithm  called  the dijkstra algorithm to its  state database. The dijkstra algorithm  calculate

Ring token, what is logical ring maintenance and how does it work>?

what is logical ring maintenance and how does it work>?

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Parallel Computer Architecture The two key parametric concerns in designing parallel computer architecture are: 1) executing many numbers of instructions concurrently, and

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Store-and-forward switch  The layer 2 switch accepts a frame on an input line, buffers it briefly, and then routes it to the appropriate output line. Cut-through switch

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State the types of performance of computer hardware The hardware, i.e., the server or computer has a direct relationship on performance in the following areas: Reliabili

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Repeaters - Operate only in physical layer - Connects two segments of the same LAN - Both segments must be of the same protocol - Only forwards frames; does not filter

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Identify Connectivity Problems  Step 1: Use the ping command to test network connectivity. Use the following table to test the connectivity of every network device.

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State the Software requirement for an intranet To develop an Intranet the first we should design a Client /Server model for our network. As you know clients are the computers

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