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(a) With reference to component communication, explain the differences between interface oriented and message oriented communication in terms of communication method, data approach and dependency.

(b) FX Ltd is a major international financial trading company whose main activity is to buy and sell foreign currencies according to evolving market prices. Currently, traders buy or sell currency pairs by following market trends thereby taking the necessary decision to either trade or not. Management of FX Ltd has decided to develop an application that will be constantly monitoring market movement and thereon generate appropriate buy or sell triggers according to specific parameters.

To get real time market prices the company has contracted a partnership with a well known data provider. The data provider has an asynchronous message based component that can receive a list of markets from a subscriber and then sends related real time data(per second) accordingly.

During an initial modelling session the architecture team has decomposed the system into several subsystems. Market Analytics is one of the subsystems that have been identified.

The major requirements of this subsystem are:

- Ability to view real time market movement on a chart accessible through a web client.

- Ability to make analysis based on historical summaries of different market prices on demand.

- Design a component view using UML to model the runtime components of the Market Analytics subsystem.

- Supplement the above the component view with an appropriate description of the components, interface, and ports.

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