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Which book is best for quallifying in aipmt exam and what should be my minimum studying hours???

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Q. Haemodynamics of Tricuspid regurgitation? Right Atrial pressure tracing shows a prominent ‘v' wave and these cannot be appreciated in a patient with atrial fibrillation. RV

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Maintenance sequences of implant Achieving a successful result with the treatment is only half the battle won. The main challenge is maintain that result over a long period of

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What is the difference between facultative anaerobic beings and obligate anaerobic beings? Facultative anaerobic beings, such as the fungi Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a brewing y

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If dimples may be considered a single-gene dominant trait, and 64% of the population features dimples, calculate the frequencies of heterozygotes and both types of homozygotes, ass

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How Pregnancy and Lactation affects the bmr? These periods of physiological stress also has an impact on the metabolic rate. Earlier, we studied that REE is highest during the

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Stretch Receptors Stretch receptors able of perception of muscle tension or stretch are distributed in the connective tissue related with muscles of many groups of animals. Th

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Determine the bony walls of the Maxillary sinus: The Anterior wall of the sinus has thin compact bone above the apex of the canine teeth which may extend to the lateral pirifor

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