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Visual Basic-VB is an event driven programming language specially designed for Microsoft integrated development environment for COM programming model. Visual Basic programming is easy to learn. VB enables the RAD (rapid application development) of GUI (graphical user interface) applications.

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VB/VB.Net Introduction

The .NET Framework pronounced as ‘dot net’ is a software framework that runs on Microsoft Windows..NET is a framework that simply means it is a collection of huge library in order to solve different programming needs whenever a programmer basically wants to write software. Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the programs written for the .NET framework execute in a software environment. The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is also known as an application virtual machine. For writing a program for .NET it is necessary to install .NET framework before the new program can run. The .NET framework supports various programming languages which allow language interoperability that is each language can use code written in other languages.

VB/VB.Net Advanced Features

Visual Basic .NET or VB.NET or VB .NET is a version of classic Visual Basic designed by Microsoft, as part of the company's .NET product group. It is implemented on the .NET framework. Its aim is to make various web services applications easier to develop and implement. It is based on object-oriented programming (OOP) language and it supports OOP concepts such as, inheritance, aggregation, polymorphism, and abstraction.

There are two major implementations of Visual Basic (VB) by Microsoft, namely

• Microsoft Visual Studio: It is a commercial software

• Microsoft Visual Studio Express: It is free of charge

There are total four versions and five release of visual basic Visual Basic .NET(VB .NET) implemented by the Microsoft’s Visual Basic Team.VB.NET requires Windows OS(Windows XP, Windows server 2003 SP 1 or above, Windows Vista, Windows 7) or it can be run on Linux too(it only works with .NET 2.0 applications. And minimum hardware requirement for running VB .NET is 1.6 GHz CPU, 384 MB RAM, 5400 RPM hard disk, 1024×768 display.

.NET market is on a high now and the way Microsoft is producing all its. NET based applications; the future of .NET programmers looks very bright.

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