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Shell scripting and its various aspects

A command line interpreter of an operating system is also called as shell. A script written for the shell (command line interpreter) is called shell script, which is stored in the operating system. Shell script can also be termed as a domain specific programming language. Shell scripts perform various kinds of operations like program execution, file manipulation, text printing etc. Some examples of shells script interpreter which also act as command line interface are windows power shell, UNIX shells, etc. Scripting capability is also added to other computing environments such as windows script host and apple script, and the command line in the interface is not needed. DCL and JVL are some examples of languages which are used for shell scripting.

Shell forms the initial stage of software development. They are then converted to various types of implementations. C, Perl and python etc are the common languages to which shell scripts are converted later. The interpreter directive hides the implementation detail inside the shell script, comprehensively. This prevents it form being exposed to final extensions. It also benefits in implementation of the script in different type of languages and also sees to it that the end users do not get any impact

Capabilities of shell scripting

An open command system-The shell script allows a system command to function as a completely normal system command and applies the command options, special environment settings are applied automatically.

Batch jobs-Several commands can be entered manually at the same time. The command line interface automatically executed these commands. The user gets the simple procedure which occurs in flow and he need not trigger each sequence stage. For example, one would need to run four manual commands for a directory having three C source code files. He could create a C shell script instead, which would compile them automatically.

More flexible and simple operation-User gets more flexible and simple operation by using shell loops, tests and variables. Shell script handle and consider the invocation of their interpreters as a core operating system feature. The setting up and execution of the shell scripts is done by the operating system itself. The modern shell script is more than the system command and many system commands today are actually shell scripts. Shell also omits any kind of filename extension. Those which are read into a running shell are spared. Shell script incorporates a special mechanism for this purpose.

Advanced features- The advance features like variable, comments, arrays, control flow constructs subroutines etc, which are contained and found in the sophisticated general purpose programming languages, are also found in modern shell. Writing the shell scripts is faster than in their equivalent code counterparts. The users get the added advantage of debugging, easy program and file selection and quick start to their program and applications. It does not contain a compilation step, which is another advantage for moderately sized scripts. It helps in providing a decision making and sequencing linkage around and existing program. Even the users who are not experts are able to use scripting and ideally tailor the behavior of programs. Shell can also be used for multiprocessing, but the use has limited scope. The simplicity of the language is another major advantage which makes it the prefer language among the users.

Some disadvantages- There are some disadvantages of shell scripting also. One major disadvantage associated is that the shell language provides little or no support at all for classes, threading, data typing systems, complex mathematics and other types of full language features. The speed of shell scripting an also a bit slower as compared to other interpreted languages. Costly errors do occur on shell scripting. Shell also has somewhat slow speed of execution. Every shell command which is executed leads to launch of a new process. It also is not compatible with many platforms.