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.Net or .Net framework is a complete environment for developers to develop, run and deploy the applications given below:

a. Console Application
b. Window forms Applications
c. Window Presentation Foundation Applications (WPF)
d. Web Applications (ASP.NET Applications)
e. Web Services
f. Windows Services
g. Services oriented applications using Window communication foundation (WCF)
h. Workflow enabled applications using windows workflow foundation (WF)

.Net enables creation of sharable components used in distributed computing architectures

.Net framework supports the object oriented programming model for multiple languages, such as Visual Basic, Visual C# and Visual C++.

We main features of .Net framework are as given below:
.Net Framework Class Library: .Net framework has rich collection of classes that are readily available for developers to use these classes in code. These classes fulfill various tasks of applications for example working with files and other data storage, performing input output operations and drawing graphs. The classes in the FCL are logically grouped under various namespaces such as System, Microsoft.

Common Language Runtime: The CLR facilities of the interoperatibility between different .Net languages such as C#, Visual Basic, Visual C++ by providing common environment for the execution of code written in any of these languages. When you run a .Net application, the language complier first compiles the source code into an intermediate code called Microsoft Intermediate Language MSIL code. The MSIL code is then used by the Just in time JIT compiler to convert the MSIL code into the native machine code, which is the final executable code. CLR also manages the application and de-allocation of system resources, such as memory for execution process of .Net programs.

Application Domains: Application domains can be defined by using .Net framework to provide isolation between applications. In other word, application domain is used to isolate the processes of different applications.

Runtime Host: The runtime host of .Net framework performs the following tasks

Loading the runtime environment into execution process of a .Net application.

Creating an application domain in the .Net process.

Loading the code which is developed by programmers in the application domain.

Common Type system CTS: .Net framework features CTS allows to maintain date integrity across the code written in different .Net complaint programming languages. CTS ensure that objects of programs that are written in different programming languages can communicate with each other to share data. CTS prevent data loss when a type in one language transfers data to its equivalent types in other language. The CTS ensures that data is not lost while transferring an integer variable of visual Basic code to an integer variable of C# code. It identifies the types supported by CLR.

JIT compiler translates the MSIL code of an assembly and use the CPU architecture of the target machine to execute a .Net application. It also stores the resulting native code so that it is accessible for subsequent calls.

If a code which executes on a target machine calls a non native method the JIT compiler converts the MSIL of that method into native code.

JIT compiler also enforces type safety in runtime environment of .Net framework. It checks for the values that are passed to parameters of any method.

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